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All our courses can be presented to groups in a corporate training environment as soon as South Africa is out of the lock down! Printed manuals will be given to all attendees as well as attendance certificates after completion of the course(s).

The trainer do have an overhead projector for the presenting of visual training should your company not have enough computers for all attendees. Should you reside in an area outside my borders (more than 150km from Heilbron in the Free State) we can present the training via ZOOM (LIVE ONLINE TRAINING) - please contact me to discuss the different possibilities!

Available courses are:  Bookkeeping Fundamentals, Sage50cloud/V19 Pastel Partner Intermediate, MS Office and SoftSkills.

Contact me for affordable prices and more details - a package to suit your specific business can be arranged!

Opleiding kan in Afrikaans of Engels aangebied word. Handleidings is slegs in Engels beskikbaar.