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Sage Business Cloud Accounting (formerly Sage One) is the online accounting program meant to be used by the small and medium sized business owner who does not have much experience in managing multiple financial issues at one time.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is an easy-to-use cloud-hosted accounting application. 

Its dashboards, graphs, and drill-downs to transactions provide a clear overview of your business for you and your accountant, at any time via the web. Functionalities include supplier purchases and customer sales history, along with bank statement imports, which empower you to manage your banking and cash flow.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is smartphone-friendly also. You can log on and view customer information and record notes any time using your Android device or iPhone. Search for customers and contact them straight from your device. You can also process quotes and send them to your customers on-the-fly. If you need directions, you can use the map links to find your way to your customer’s offices.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting provides small businesses basic income- and expense-tracking as well as other useful features. The app is easy to navigate with an appealing dashboard. The summary tabs on the dashboard provide you a graphical overview of your company’s sales, expenses, cash flow, and forecast cash flow.

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It is available as selfstudy for R2 000 or it can be presented one-on-one within 150km from Heilbron in the Free State for R3 500.

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